Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pike Kilt Lifter ....

Tonight I will try a beer from a brewery I have not yet sampled from: The Pike Brewing Company.  The beer is Kilt Lifter Ruby Ale (Scotch Style).  The 1 pint 6 ounce bottle shows 6.5% ABV and 27 IBUs.

Kilt Lifter poured with a small, beige head.  Beer color is a cloudy darker orange-ish amber.  The aroma is sweet, with caramel and some real notes of stewed or cooked fruit.  The taste is malty and bready, with the same fruit notes as in the aroma, but not as dominant.  There is a smoky note that does remind of peat.  Not really any noticeable bitterness, except a very mild touch in the aftertaste.  This was not really what I expected from this beer, but it was really enjoyable.

The Pike Brewing Company
Seattle, Washington

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