Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock ....

My beer for today is Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock from The Boston Beer Company.  The twelve ounce bottle lists 5.8% ABV.  Their web site shows 11 IBUs.  For this beer, cocoa nibs are actually used in the beer making process.

Today's beer poured with a thin, darker brown head.  The beer color is a very dark brown; almost no light passes through when the glass is held up to a light.  The aroma definitely has a real chocolate note to it, but it is not overwhelming.  I am also getting some fruity sweetness.  Fairly mild bodied.  Malty.  Definite chocolate/cocoa flavors.  A little more mouth feel than most beers.  Although it is not overly sweet, I get some real molasses in the taste as well.  Smooth, light finish.  Surprisingly little aftertaste, as I really expected some lingering cocoa but it wasn't there.

The Boston Beer Company
Boston, Massachusetts 

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