Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Full Sail IPA ....

And yet another IPA!  Tonight's is the standard IPA from Full Sail Brewing Company.  The twelve ounce bottle lists 6% ABV.  The web site shows 60 IBUs.

This beer poured with a medium to thicker, bone colored head.  Beer color is a nice golden shade.  Aroma is fairly mild - getting a little citrus and some wheat as well.  Maybe a little sweet fruit.  Not as much hops as one expects from an IPA.  The taste is a lot like the aroma - light citrus and fruit.  Also some malt and bitter.  Almost some wheat to the taste as well.  This kind of makes me think of an IPA that is leaning slightly towards a hefeweizen.  Tasty beer, but not what I normally think of when I think IPA.  Medium bodied.  Slight bitter aftertaste.    


Full Sail Brewing Company
Hood Rover, Oregon

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