Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deschutes Hop Henge ....

My Sunday night beer will be Hop Henge Experimental IPA from Deschutes Brewery.  The 1 pint, 6 ounce bottle lists 8.5% ABV and 95 IBUs.  This should be interesting!  It is a limited release, January to April, according to their web site.

This beer poured with a medium, creamy colored head.  Beer color is a nice golden shade.  The aroma has some citrus, but not nearly as much as I expected.  There is a real scent of fruit, besides the citrus - kind of jammy, like apricots and strawberry.  No real hints of higher alcohol in the aroma.  There is enough malt in the taste that the citrus isn't overwhelming.  Malt, not-too-sour-citrus, a little higher alcohol and some fruit.  Some bitterness comes in towards the middle and end.  Leaves you with a nice little bitter aftertaste.  Very nice.  

Deschutes Brewery
Bend, Oregon

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