Friday, January 6, 2012

Widmer Brothers O'Ryely IPA ....

This beer is the O'Ryely IPA from the Rotator IPA series by Widmer Brothers Brewing.  Their web site lists an IBU of 50.  6.4 % ABV is listed on the twelve ounce bottle. 

It poured with a medium head, and the color was a nice golden shade when held up to the light, much like honey.  A few bubbles, but not too cloudy.  It has a very light aroma of hops.  Nice IPA flavor, maybe a strong medium in strength of flavor.  Some hops and bitterness, but not highly bitter.  There is some malt that cuts down on bitterness, and probably something there from the rye.  This gives it a nice balance that doesn't overload the taste buds in any one direction.  Slight bitter aftertaste that fades quickly.  I like hoppy IPAs, and although this one doesn't scream "Hoppy IPA!", the balance is very tasty.

Widmer Brothers Brewing
Portland, Oregon

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