Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Real Ale Lost Gold IPA ....

Tonight's IPA is a Lost Gold IPA from Real Ale Brewing Company.  This is the second Texas brewery I am sampling, the first was a Saint Arnold.  This is a year-round available beer, in a twelve ounce bottle.  ABV is listed at 6.6% on the web site, with 55 IBUs.

This one poured with a small head.  The color is golden, with maybe just a touch of red or orange.  It was slightly cloudy.  There is a definite citrus aroma, seems a bit orange-like to me.  There is citrus and hops in the taste that seem pretty even, with a fair amount of malt.  There is a little bitterness, but mostly as the taste fades into the aftertaste.  I would rate this one a healthy medium in strength of flavor.  If you like your IPAs fairly hoppy, but not overly strong, this would be a good one to try.

Real Ale Brewing Company
Blanco, Texas

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