Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA ....

Tonight is another IPA - Torpedo Extra IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  The web site lists the IBUs at 65.  It came in a twelve ounce bottle, listing a 7.2% ABV.

The Torpedo poured with a small head, and is a golden honey color - not much red or brown to the coloring.  Very light aroma.  This beer is a little heavier, and probably medium+ in strength.  There are some hops and bitterness, and a little citrus, but they seem to be cut some by maltiness.  It doesn't have the in-your-face hops of some heartier IPAs.  There is some bitter aftertaste.  This is a good beer for someone who likes a little heavier beer, but doesn't want a hops overload.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Chico, California

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