Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Avery India Pale Ale ....

Day 21, three weeks of IPAs!  Tonight's brew is the India Pale Ale from Avery Brewing Company.  Another twelve ounce bottle, 6.5% ABV.  Avery's web site shows 69 IBUs.

The Avery IPA poured with very little head.  The color is golden, and it is slightly cloudy.  Aroma has some citrus and floral notes.  I am not getting much citrus in the taste, mostly hops and malt.  A touch of sweetness.  I would rate it on the strong side of medium for strength of flavor.  There is a nice bitterness to the aftertaste, and some lingering hops.  This is the type of IPA I prefer - lots of flavor, with heavy hits of hops and malt.


Avery Brewing Company
Boulder, Colorado

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