Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rahr Stormcloud IPA ....

Tonight I am sampling a beer from a third Texas brewery, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company.  It is their Stormcloud IPA, which comes in a twelve ounce bottle.  Their web site lists 6% ABV and 64 IBUs.

This IPA poured with a fairly thick head.  It is a golden honey color, with a light tint of orange.  The aroma is mild, with light citrus and hops.  I would rate it a medium in strength.  It is definitely an IPA, but I don't get a lot of hops or citrus.  There is a nice malt to the taste, which fades into a malty, slightly bitter aftertaste.  If you like malt, and are not a hop-head who craves a lot of hops and citrus, this would probably be a good choice.

Rahr & Sons Brewing Company
Fort Worth, Texas

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