Friday, January 13, 2012

Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA ....

Friday night and I am ready for a beer!  Tonight it will be a Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA from The Boston Beer Company.  This one is a twelve ounce bottle and 6% ABV.  Their web site lists IBUs at 60.

The Latitude 48 pours with a thick, foamy head.  The color is that of a darker honey, with a touch of red.  The aroma is fairly light and primarily of hops. The strength of flavor is somewhere in the medium range.  Some hops, bitterness and a little citrus.  Somewhat malty.  I don't get much sweetness.  The finish is a little light, or thin, but there is a nice bitter and malt aftertaste.  This beer isn't overly complex on the IPA front, but it does have more flavor than some IPAs I have tried.

The Boston Beer Company
Boston, Massachusetts 

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