Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Magic Hat - Howl Black Lager ....

Howl Black-as-Night-Lager is a Winter Seasonal from Magic Hat Brewing.  Their web site lists it as a black lager, with an IBU of 32, available from October to January.  The twelve ounce bottle shows a 4.6% ABV.

This beer pours with a nice dark head and is very dark in the glass.  It is almost so black that you can't see a light through it when you hold it up to light.  It has a nice beer aroma, and I seem to get slight hints of molasses.  I am usually not a real fan of black lagers, because they seem a little light in the flavor department.  However, this is one I would drink again.  It has a nice maltiness and a fairly stout 'body'.  I would rate it a strong medium on strength of flavor.  There is a small amount of bitter aftertaste.

Magic Hat Brewing Company
South Burlington, Vermont

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