Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Squatters Big Cottonwood ....

Today's beer is a Big Cottonwood, American Amber Ale, from Squatters Brewery.  The twelve ounce bottle shows 5.75% ABV.

Big Cottonwood poured with a small to medium, tan colored head.  The beer is a little cloudy, and a darker orange/reddish amber.  The aroma is sweet fruit, almost a little stewed or fermented, with a hint of citrus and pine.  The taste follows the aroma, although it is not quite as sweet and the citrus/pine bitterness comes through a little more.  There is also caramel and some bread/grain.  Medium in strength.  Almost seems like it would be a little higher alcohol than it is.  Leaves you with a little sweet and bitter for the aftertaste.  Nice!    

Squatters Brewery
Salt Lake City, Utah

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