Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Magic Hat hI.P.A. ....

Today I will have a hI.P.A from Magic Hat Brewing Company.  It is from their "I.P.A. On Tour!" seasonal series, and is available from August through October.  The twelve ounce bottle shows 6.7% ABV.  The web site lists IBUs at 70.

This beer poured with a medium to thicker, bone colored head.  The beer is a cloudy, darker yellow/gold that has a fair amount of various-sized sediment.  The aroma is fairly mild; malty, with some citrus.  The taste hits you with some citrus rind and pine bitterness - much more than the aroma.  Malty.  Slightly herbal/soapy.  Very dry.  Somewhat heavier, creamy mouth feel.  The aftertaste leaves your mouth dry, with some malty bitterness.      

Magic Hat Brewing Company
South Burlington, Vermont

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