Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ska Mexican Logger ....

Today I will have a Mexican Logger, Mexican Style Lager, from Ska Brewing Company.  Twelve ounce can.  Their web site shows 4.2% ABV.

Mexican Logger poured with a small, white head.  Beer is a bright, paler yellow.  Aroma is mild, with some sweetness.  Grassy, but not as grainy as you normally get with a lager.  The grain is there in the taste, however.  It does have the taste of a Mexican beer, but with more malt/grain.  The aftertaste leaves you with a little bitter and grain.  If you like Mexican beers, but would like more flavor, this is one to try.  With the lower alcohol, this would be a good beer for a picnic or some place you plan on having several.  

Ska Brewing Company
Durango, Colorado

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