Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Floral IPA ....

Today's beer will be a Beer Camp #53 Floral IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  5.9% ABV is listed on the twelve ounce bottle.  It is brewed with rose hips and rose petals.

This beer poured with a thin, off white head.  Beer color is an orange-ish color, not quite as dark as an amber.  It is hazy and has a good amount of sediment.  There is citrus (lemon, tangerine) and pine in the aroma, but a floral quality as well.  A variety of citrus and pine notes give the taste a dominant sourness/bitterness.  The floral notes come in as well, but are much less noticeable than the hop bite.  Some malt, a little sweetness, maybe a little spice.  Medium to full in strength.  The aftertaste leaves you with a little floral and some pine bitterness.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Chico, California

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