Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stone Cali-Belgique IPA ....

Saturday night bomber.  Cali-Belgique India Pale Ale from Stone Brewing Company.  The 22 ounce bottle shows 6.9% ABV.  The Stone web site lists 77 IBUs.  They describe it as a California-style IPA with Belgian influence - a Belgian yeast strain.

This IPA poured with a small, bone colored head.  The beer is very clear, and a medium to darker golden shade.  There is some citrus to the aroma, but there is an underlying yeast that keeps it from being the citrusy/hoppy IPA aroma you expect.  There is some spice as well; almost a clove.  The taste has some bite of citrus and pine, but like the aroma, there is some yeast and spice that comes in to keep it from being a straight IPA.  Medium to full bodied.  A fair amount of carbonation.  Somewhat dry finish.  Some bitterness sticks around for the aftertaste, like a stronger IPA.  Unique and tasty.  

Stone Brewing Company
Escondido, California

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