Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brooklyn Summer Ale ....

I looked back through the blog, and the only other beer from Brooklyn Brewery I have tried was my third for the year - their Winter Ale.  Now it is summer and I am sampling their Summer Ale.  The twelve ounce bottle shows 5% ABV.   Their web site lists IBUs at 18.  This is a seasonal, available March through July.

This beer poured with a medium to thick, bone colored head.  The beer is a darker golden yellow shade, not quite into an amber.  There is some definite sweetness to the aroma, some herbal, maybe a little citrus.  Mild to medium bodied.  The taste has some malt, sweetness, citrus and is a little grassy.  Carbonation is a somewhat fizzy.  Seems thin on the finish.  Mild "beer" aftertaste.  Nice summer beer, but a little mild for my taste, especially on the finish.    


Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, New York

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