Friday, July 6, 2012

Boulevard Boss Tom's Golden Bock ....

My sampling for today is Boss Tom's Golden Bock from Boulevard Brewing Company.  This is a seasonal, available April through May.  Their web site shows 6.1% ABV and 22 IBUs.  Style is listed as a Maibock.

This beer poured with a thin, off white head.  Beer color is a bright golden yellow, and there is a fair amount of sediment suspended in the beer.  The aroma has a nice sweetness, almost honey-like.  There is also a little yeast.  Mild bodied.  Bready malt in the taste, with some sweetness.  There is a crisp fruitiness at the end that reminds me of an effervescent, grape-ish white wine.  Very mild aftertaste of the overall beer.

Boulevard Brewing Company
Kansas City, Missouri

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