Thursday, November 8, 2012

Samuel Adams Winter Lager ....

Today's brew is a Samuel Adams Winter Lager from The Boston Beer Company.  It is brewed with spices, and is a seasonal, available November through January.  Twelve ounce bottle.  The web site shows 5.6% ABV and 22 IBUs.

This beer poured with a small, beige head.  Beer color is a dark copper, leaning towards brown or mahogany.  The aroma is fairly mild, and malty, with spices, caramel and brown sugar.  The taste is more of the same, although a little more pronounced than the aroma - medium in strength.  Earthy, spicy.  Just a hint of bitterness to keep things interesting.  Nice, medium mouth feel.  The aftertaste leaves you with some spices.  Although not a real standout, this is a nice flavorful beer.    

The Boston Beer Company
Boston, Massachusetts 

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