Friday, November 16, 2012

Lazy Magnolia Deep South Pale Ale ....

Tonight I am trying my first beer from Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company: a Deep South Pale Ale.  The twelve ounce bottle shows 5.3% ABV.  Their web site shows 27 IBUs.

Deep South poured with a small, bone colored head.  Beer color is golden, not quite to an amber.  The aroma is very mild, with some sweet malt.  Not really getting anything hoppy in the aroma.  The taste is fairy mild as well, with some malt and a kind of soapy, earthy note.  Then a sour bitterness comes in, which seems surprising considering so little hops were noticeable in the aroma.  The aftertaste leaves you with some of the bitterness.  Overall, there isn't enough flavor to go with the bitterness for my tastes.      

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company
Kiln, Mississippi

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