Thursday, November 22, 2012

Anchor 2012 Christmas Ale ....

Tonight I will have a 2012 Christmas Ale from Anchor Brewing Company (as it is referred to on the Anchor site).  The bottle says "Merry Christmas Happy New Year".  It is a seasonal, available November through February.  5.5% ABV is listed on the twelve ounce bottle.

This beer poured with a small, darker tan colored head.  Beer color is a dark reddish brown.  The aroma is spices and fruit/berry.  The taste has a much more pronounced berry note.  Spices, roasted malt.  Some hops that don't quite get to the level of citrus or pine, but give a little bitterness.  A little thin on the finish.  The aftertaste leaves you with some spices and a grassy/metallic note.  A definite "holiday" taste to this one.      

Anchor Brewing Company
San Francisco, California

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