Friday, June 1, 2012

Victory 'Hop' Wallop ....

Tonight I am sampling 'Hop' Wallop Very Hoppy Ale from Victory Brewing Company.  The twelve ounce bottle shows 8.5% ABV.

This beer poured with a medium, bone colored head.  The beer color is on the yellow side of amber.  It is somewhat cloudy with fine sediment.  Aroma is not as hoppy as I expected - there is some citrus, tropical fruit.  There is a sweet and earthy quality to the aroma.  The taste starts off malty, then some citrus and fruit comes in, followed by some pine bitterness.  The pine bitterness is right at the finish and lingers as an aftertaste.  Some sweetness.  This beer hides the higher alcohol very well.  Medium bodied.  Very nice!


Victory Brewing Company
Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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