Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale ....

Tonight I will sample Wild Raspberry Ale from Great Divide Brewing Company.  Twelve ounce bottle.  The web site shows 5.8% ABV.  It is fermented with red and black raspberries.

This beer poured with a small to medium head, that was a lighter brown in color, but with perhaps a slight reddish/pink tint.  Beer color is a darker copper leaning towards brown, but there is a definite red tint to it.  Aroma is sweet and fruity, but not cloyingly so; some hops and caramel/brown sugar.  The taste is a good combination of lightly wheaty malt and the fruit.  You definitely taste the fruit, but it is not distracting.  There is a tartness towards the end that is probably increased by the fruit.  Aftertaste is slightly sour/tart.  I am usually not a big fan of fruit beers, but this is nicely balanced and very enjoyable.

Great Divide Brewing Company
Denver, Colorado

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