Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anchor Liberty Ale ....

Today's beer is Liberty Ale from Anchor Brewing Company.  Twelve ounce bottle.  Their web site shows 5.9% ABV.

Liberty Ale poured with a small, off-white colored head.  Beer color is a cloudy yellow/gold, with maybe just a hint of orange shading.  In the aroma I am getting citrus, floral, honey, and grains; some definite sweetness.  Mild to medium bodied.  The taste has some malt, a wheat/grain quality, citrus.  Not as sweet as the aroma.  Almost a little bitterness at the end - it doesn't quite get all the way to bitter.  Nice carbonation.  Mild aftertaste with some notes from the taste.  I thought this beer might be a little bland, but it turned out to be very interesting.

Anchor Brewing Company
San Francisco, California

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