Saturday, August 18, 2012

Left Coast Hop Juice ....

Tonight I will have a beer from another brewery that I have not sampled from this year: Left Coast Brewing Company.  The beer is Hop Juice Double India Pale Ale.  9.7% ABV is listed on the 1 pint, 6 ounce bottle. Their web site shows 82 IBUs.

Hop Juice poured with a medium to thicker, creamy colored head.  Beer color is more of a copper, and very clear.  The aroma has citrus and sweetness, with a caramel/brown sugar note.  Medium to full bodied.  Taste starts with sweet malt, then some real citrus rind and pine bitterness hits you pretty quickly.  Some definite warmth from the higher alcohol.  Dry finish.  The aftertaste leaves a dryness on your tongue, and some pine bitterness.  This beer has the smooth, hoppy characteristics I expect from a double IPA.  Thumbs up!

Left Coast Brewing Company
San Clemente, California

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