Friday, September 28, 2012

Jester King Black Metal ....

Friday night beer!  A Black Metal Imperial Stout from Jester King Craft Brewery.  The 1 pint 9.4 ounce bottle shows 9% ABV.

Black metal poured with a thick, thick, thick foamy head that was a dark chocolaty brown in color.  Beer color is a very dark black/brown that allows no light to show through the glass when held up to the light.  The aroma doesn't have a lot of the cocoa and coffee that I expected.  There is some, but I am getting more caramel and brown sugar.  And some higher alcohol.  Not a lot of strong cocoa or coffee in the taste, either, but there is some there.  A major roasted/charred quality.  Kind of reminds me of English pipe tobacco.  Caramel, a little boozy.  Not as strong as some of this type, more of a medium to full.  The aftertaste leaves you with some cocoa and a little bitter.  I thought this might be a little tame at first, but it is pretty complex with a lot of little things going on.  Very tasty.

Jester King Craft Brewery
Austin, Texas

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