Monday, February 6, 2012

Summit Silver Anniversary Ale ....

After a while using a tasting "theme" for consecutive days  (4 seasonals, 21 IPAs, 7 stouts and 4 porters), I am going to go through a few in no particular pattern.  Tonight will be a Silver Anniversary Ale from Summit Brewing Company.  This beer is no longer listed on their web site, but a little research on the Internet shows that it is 6.5% ABV and 80 IBUs.  The style is an American Pale Ale and it comes in a twelve ounce bottle.

This Summit poured with a fairly thick, ivory-colored head.  The beer itself is a lighter golden honey color, and a little cloudy.  The aroma has a great citrus note; it is a little grapefruit-like but there seems to be a slightly more exotic fruit note there as well.  Medium-bodied.  The taste is hoppy, with very prominent citrus that is mostly grapefruit.  There is a little pine/resin note as well.  It has a dry finish that leaves a fairly bitter aftertaste.  A very interesting beer - I would recommend trying one if you can find it.

Summit Brewing Company
St. Paul, Minnesota

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