Thursday, February 2, 2012

Real Ale Coffee Porter ....

Time to try a few porters.  The first is a Coffee Porter from Real Ale Brewing Company.  Their web site shows 5.6% ABV and 40 IBUs.  This beer is actually brewed with coffee from Katz Coffee Roasters.

This porter poured with a fairly brown, smaller head.  The color is a dark reddish brown which lets very little light through when held up to the light.  There is a light note of coffee to the aroma, but not more than some of the stouts I have tried that were not brewed with coffee.  I would say a medium-bodied or medium strength beer.  The flavor is not heavily coffee, it's more of a coffee note towards the finish of each sip.  Very little bitterness.  Some nice malt with a slightly heavier mouth feel.  The aftertaste is mild and pretty well matched the taste of the beer.

Real Ale Brewing Company
Blanco, Texas

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