Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lagunitas New DogTown Pale Ale ....

Time for another from Lagunitas Brewing Company.  I started this venture off with their Holiday Ale, and tonight I will be trying a New DogTown Pale Ale.  It comes in a twelve ounce bottle and shows 6.2% ABV.

This Lagunitas poured with a medium head.  The head was light in color, not white, but more like the color of bone.  The beer's color is a bright golden yellow.  Very clear - I can read the computer screen through the full glass.  Aroma is mainly of grapefruit, but not biting - more of a sweet grapefruit.  The taste is more of the same, a sweeter grapefruit more than one that makes your mouth pucker.  Medium in strength.  Very little bitterness in the taste, actually a bit of a sweet note.  But there is a nice dry finish that leaves a little bitterness on your tongue as an aftertaste.

Lagunitas Brewing Company
Petaluma, California

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